Nakshatra No.14 Chitra

Our prime discussion will be on Nakshatra No.14 Chitra today. Hope you liked the previous 13 nakshatras’ characteristics. Let’s get down to today’s topic quickly.

Nakshatra No.14 Chitra – RashiChakra’s 173 deg 20 mins to 186 deg 40 mins, or, Kanya’s 13 deg 20 mins to Tula’s 6 deg 40 mins – this portion is known as Chitra Nakshatra. Native born under this birth star is thin generally. He is extremely intelligent and peace-loving. He has naturally a God gifted quality; his idea, opinion and suggestion apparently may seem to be ordinary initially, but some time later its value is understood. An innate sense is seen in him, which helps to foresee upcoming events earlier before they actually happen. Due to God’s gift, they sometimes see some dreams, which later converts into reality. He does not care about others’ opinions. But he does not appear to be selfish in front of others. He is stubborn, but still he behaves cordially with the poorest part of the society, though he appears to be a miser and a rough person to some people. He has a tendency to express his opinion before any sort of thought. When he tries to refine / correct his acts, it becomes too late. In every step of life, he has to face conflicts with enemies, but he has the capacity to avoid / tackle any type of conspiracy planned against him. He overcomes obstacles in life and with bravery and hard work he finally succeeds in life. A special point to be mentioned here is, he gets necessary help / co-operation from unexpected corridor without even trying for it. Sometimes native gets lesser affection from father but he is close to his mother and gets more advantage from mother’s side. It is said, native born under this birth star, i.e. here in this case, Chitra nakshatra, can not stay longer in the house where he is born. Either he leaves the house where he was born, or, that house gets sold. The native born under this janma nakshatra stays at an unknown place far from his birth place. The married life gets disturbed due to frequent conflicts. He has too much of desire. Most of the time he may have to bear a lot of responsibilities and digest criticism. At some part of life, he is lucky, but, not initially. He will have many good friends who are beneficial and of loving nature. To get peace of mind, he needs to travel healthy places. Travelling is seen more during his childhood and his old age. Change of place is seen in general for this kind of people.
Ladies belonging to this birth star have beautiful physique which is the cause of others’ jealosy. She is generally tall, well-built and has long, thick hair. She will have very less friends. She tends to be proud without any good quality. She wants to enjoy extreme independence and tends to behave roughly which creates problems even more complex. She may be a glutton, may be involved in sinful deeds and may be a lazy person too. During marriage, her life partner should be carefully selected based on ‘Astokoot bichaar’ so that problems can be avoided.

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That’s all for today. Readers who missed the previous nakshatra ( Hasta, which is the 13th nakshatra), may click the link below –

Bye for now. Love you all.

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    I was born September 18, 1993 in Douglas Arizona. USA at 5:45 am. My Nakshatra is Chitra.

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