Nakshatra No.15 Swati

Let’s know about the 15th Nakshatra of the zodiac, i.e., Nakshatra No.15 Swati . Please read below :

Nakshatra No.15 Swati :- It covers the area spreading from 186 degree 40 mins to 200 degree of the zodiac. It may also be said that the portion of Tula Rashi’s 6 deg 40 mins to 20 deg is covered by this Nakshatra known as Swati . The native who is born under this Birth Star generally has curved lower portion of the legs and grown up ankle. Men under this Janma Nakshatra has attractive bodily features and women find this attractive. They may have very soft body. To keep mental balance till he sees good days becomes difficult for him, and in addition to that he does not like anyone criticizing him. He is peace-loving, but determined and has an individual mentality. He does not want other’s property and does not want anyone to have greed for his property. He faces some problems in his childhood. He is ready to help others as long as they do not question regarding his individuality. He gives respect to people in accordance with his position and status and he does it openly. When in need, he is the best friend. He never hesitates to take revenge on his enemies. The native has praise-worthy work capacity and intelligence. His married life often lacks sincerity. Outsiders may think his married life is full of understanding, but in reality it is different. He may be attracted to secret love affairs before marriage. He will have stability after marriage. True love if found would make him a great man. He is optimistic , that’s why he can tackle financial ups and downs. Hidden enemies and some relatives may take advantage of his kindness and will do harm in many ways. He will have very good friends, some of his friends will help him establish in life. But he needs to be cautious of female friends , otherwise he may suffer from big loss. Travelling distant places is seen in his life due to job/business purpose, for recovery from ill-health, for higher studies and for visiting pilgrimage.

Ladies born under this Birth Star are sympathetic, loving, religious and have a prestigious position in the society. She is generally truthful and likes religious celebrations/programmes. She has many femaile friends and she can even conquer her enemy’s heart. She may work somewhere where travelling to places is common, whether she likes it or not. If she is in service, she succeeds more than expectation. It is often seen, in the case of girls who have Swati Nakshatra as birth star (janma nakshatra), due to strange circumstances in the family, these girls/ladies/women have to do certain works which are against their will and for which their conscience does not permit. After marriage, these ladies become very pleased with the behavior of their children. Externally she may appear to have sound health, but in reality she may have internal health problems.

Here features of Swati nakshatra as Birth Star ends. If you missed its previous nakshatra (Chitra), you may check this below :

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