Nakshatra No.16 Vishakha

Today we will discuss about the 16th Nakshatra of the zodiac, i.e., Nakshatra No.16 Vishakha.
Attributes of the star are as follows :

Nakshatra No.16 Vishakha :- It covers the area spreading from 200 degree to 213 degree 20 minutes of the zodiac. It may also be said that the portion of Tula Rashi’s 20 deg to Vrishchik Rashi’s 3 deg 20 mins is covered by this Nakshatra known as Vishakha . The native who is born under this Birth Star has attractive, bright, sometimes round face. Some natives found in this are tall/big, some are a bit shorter/fat. Extreme believer in GOD, truthful but not orthodox. He likes modern thought. He loves non-violence. He may stay at distant places from his close ones/family for some time. Slavery is next to death to them. He does not like to flatter, and never accepts others’ dominance. He may become a good speaker and has the capability to influence/mesmerize people. He has the tendency to spend a lot without any special reason. He is suitable for independent business. His policies work magically and he may even be rewarded as a good orator/knowledgeable person. Sometimes he gets less affection from mother , but, enjoys various facilities provided by his father. He is self-dependent. He might be involved in heavy addiction. He has GOD gifted instinct
vitality, so he has often good health. He likes good establishment in life and loves to get admiration from others. Generally he can earn from both business and job. He has a strong liking towards literature. There may be ups and downs in his life. Due to the over-spending nature, he may see financial trouble at times. On the other hand, there will be abundance of wealth at some part of life. He may get benefits from any close relatives as well. His ego, intolerance/impatient nature, and excessive love for independence may become the primary obstacle on the path of his prosperity. He has great imagination and a romantic person. Sometimes he may feel that love is a complex mystery. He may make friendship with many persons. Due to self-centricity, he may have less numbers of close/intimate friends. Selfish friends and fake friends may harm his reputation. He may have to visit/ may go far places for higher education/business/jobs. He may even have to go distant places for recovery of health/ better treatment. He should be cautious while travelling to long distance and living in far places so that he can avoid injury/accident/illness.
Ladies born under this Birth Star(Janma Nakshatra) has nicely built body / attractive body shapes. She is often of sweet-spoken nature; expert in household works; if employed in job she can show good skill in office work too. She does not have stubbornness, does not like to show off; she is innocent in general, does not like artificial make-up. Her female friends and relatives are jealous of her. She is strongly religious and often engaged in worshipping GOD. She likes various activities and has knowledge of some arts. She greatly respects her husband and always thinks good for her close ones/ far relatives / in-laws, so, in turn they also love her greatly. Her close ones admire and follow her decisions. She visits Pilgrimage often.

My friends, Features of Vishakha nakshatra as Birth Star ends here. If you missed the previous nakshatra (Swati) that I posted recently, you may check this link below :

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