Nakshatra No.17 Anuradha

Nakshatra No.17 Anuradha :-

Nakshatra No.17 Anuradha – It covers the area spreading from 213 degree 20 mins to 226 degree 40 mins of the zodiac. It may also be said that the portion of Vrishchik Rashi’s 3 deg 20 mins to Vrishchik Rashi’s 16 deg 40 mins is covered by this Nakshatra known as Anuradha . The native whose birth star (janma nakshatra) is Anuradha has a pleasant face with bright eyes; though in some cases, cruel vision of the native may be found. He has the power to fight the most complex problems in a disciplined manner. Lack of peace is seen in his life. A kind of frustration may be reflected on his face. But no obstacle can affect his positive thinking. Even when he is helpless, he does not depend on others. He has great faith in GOD. He achieves his goal after crossing many obstacles. He fails in keeping permanent relationship with others. He is always ready to do the duties/responsibilities entrusted to him. His motto in life is to keep moving forward no matter what happens. He is hard-working, but, revengeful towards them who have done harm to him. If he is in job, he can keep his superiors always in his side. His brother/sister (if any) does not help him a lot. He may not get much faciliities and affection from father, might have opinion difference with father and may also be deprived of mother’s affection in some cases. Generally he becomes happy in married life. He tries to do every single thing possible for his children and tries to establish them in a better position in life. His behaviour towards children is very sweet. He is able to mix with any kind of ladies in life. But none will be able to understand the depth of his love. He will have many friends in life. He has many tours/travels in life due to various reasons. Overall health is generally good, though he does not care much about it.

               Ladies born under this birth star are generally attractive and has an innocent face and nice figure. She has a noble/holy heart. She has great admiration towards respected/elderly people. She acquires good position in social life. She has many friends in general. She is interested in singing, dancing, fine arts, etc. She may acquire the highest degree in music and dancing. She is very loyal to her husband and is a religious person. Some of them may become an ideal mother also. She has deep respect towards her father-in-law/mother-in-law. She maintains very cordial and sweet relation with her children. She may get less support and affection from her own parents. She becomes happy in her married life. Health is generally good, but she seems to be reluctant about betterment of health condition whenever she falls ill. 

Nakshatra No.17 Anuradha, i.e., Characteristics of Anuradha Nakshatra as Birth Star ends here. If you have missed the previous nakshatra (Vishakha) that I posted earlier, you may click this link below : 

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  1. Sanjay Kunar Telang says:

    My birth star is BHARANI 3PADA and my son was in ARDRA 1 PADA.

  2. Satya Dev Chauhan says:

    I had gone through your blogs and found them very much real.

    In fact was fascinated with some of the features indicated here.

    Would request you to please send me a detailed analysis for my kundli, my DOB 22.12.1981,Morning 04:30am

    Thanks and regards
    Satya Dec

  3. Satya Dev Chauhan says:

    Also My place of birth is Faridabad Haryana India

  4. houllandng says:

    thanks for sharing!!

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