Nakshatra No.18 Jyestha

Nakshatra No.18 Jyestha – It covers the area spreading from 226 degree 40 mins to 240 degree of the zodiac. It may also be said that the portion of Vrishchik Rashi’s 16 deg 40 mins to Vrishchik Rashi’s 30 degree is covered by this Nakshatra known as Jyestha. The native having Jyestha as birth star (Janma Nakshatra) has enough of vitality and bears an attractive face. Their teeth may have gaps or may have some structural problems, sometimes colour of the teeth may seem to be unusually different. He can not keep any secret, can not even tackle a minor problem. But he has a clean heart and bears a calm nature. He does not want to show off his good qualities. Sometimes he is stubborn and short-tempered. This creates an obstacle towards his improvement and that’s why he faces many problems in life.  He does not listen to other’s advice. He follows the direction of his own conscience. Sometimes he takes hasty/sudden decisions without understanding the situation and probable consequences, which make him fall into trouble and his well-wishers, who always help him. He seems to be a proud fellow, but actually he is just the opposite. Any addiction beyond limit may damage his good reputation and creates hurdle towards his life and occupation. He may leave his house and stay at a distant place to earn his living. His sincerity earns him fame, but frequent change in occupation is seen. He is always busy in maintaining his individuality and this may result into many people turning into his enemy. His closed-ones may not like him. His wife dominates him in most cases and helps him get rid of his bad addictions if any. His innate charm may be liked by ladies. Due thinking is necessary before proceeding to love or marriage, else, it may hamper his peace of mind. His friends would love/help him, he needs to be more sincere towards friends, so that he does not lose any good old friend. He should be cautious towards making very close relationship with new friends, otherwise he will suffer loss. Some travels are seen in his life. Established people in spite of good relation with the native, may not help him reach his goal. 

     Ladies born under this birth star i.e. Nakshatra No.18 Jyestha have strong emotions and carries deep love in the heart. She is intelligent, thoughtful and has good insight. She is curious to know what others think and speak about her. Her innate feminine feature stops her in opening up her authoritarian character. She is generally a prominent organiser. She likes sports and is good at it. In most cases she does not work for earning money, and after marriage she focusses on her husband’s success and helps him succeed in life. Some of her neighbours, relatives, her in-laws creates big problems for her. So she should maintain diplomacy while making relationship with these people. Some problems related to child and problems from children’s side are also seen. She makes strict rules while they are young, and this approach is not liked by her children, in some cases when they grow older they become revengeful towards her. 

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