Nakshatra No. 4 Rohini

Dear Readers, today our focus would be on Rohini Nakshatra. It is the 4th nakshatra(star) out of the 27 nakshatras. So, let us begin by describing the features of this particular star. People whose birth star is Rohini, will generally have these characteristics depicted below.
Nakshatra No. 4 Rohini – Native under this birth-star is born with very attractive eyes with magnetic capacity. The body is also very attractive and good-looking, with big shoulders and strong muscles. Sometimes short-tempered. His/her life is full of ups and downs. People of this star are operated more by heart than by brain. They accept truth and reject lies. He gives more importance to present time, never cares about future. He needs to have control over his mind to become successful. Whom he loves, he can sacrifice anything for that person; and whom he hates, he creates full trouble to that person. If he takes any responsibility, he tries to do that properly with utmost sincerity, but somewhere he lacks patience. Sometimes his independent uncontrolled thinking lands him into trouble. His married life sometimes become problematic. He may have plans regarding financial earnings, but in many cases his plannings will not be implemented successfully into practical work. His friends would be helpful in genera. He should select good friends wisely. During ravel, he may face danger, but would be saved by divine force.

Ladies/women/girls under this birth star are very beautiful with medium height and fair skin and have very attractive eyes in general. If excited, they can become extremely angry. She has the natural ability to fulfil any duty entrusted to her. Her dressing sense is tasteful. She is busy to show off, but by heart she is weak. Her family/married life is good and she gets full happiness from husband and children. To have peaceful married life , she has to control her stubbornness. There is chance that she may become an ideal mother. This completes my writing on Nakshatra No. 4 Rohini.
I hope this was helpful and you could come to know some new things about this nakshatra. Show your level of satisfaction through your encouraging comments. I welcome constructive criticism from all of you. Thanking you from the core my heart. For any doubt please contact me or, ask questions in the comments. So bye for now.

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