Nakshatra No.5 Mrigashira

Dear friends, today I would like to tell you something about Mrigashira Nakshatra. It is the 5th nakshatra(star) out of the 27 nakshatras. So, let’s start depicting the features of this particular nakshatra. People whose birth star is Mrigashira, would have these characteristics as shown below :
Nakshatra No.5 Mrigashira – This nakshatra (star) covers 53 deg 20 mins to 66 deg 40 mins of RashiChakra ,or, you can say, from 23 deg 20 mins to 6 deg 40 mins of Vrisha sign. The person having Mrigashira as Birth star (Janma nakshatra) has well-built body, strong, tall, is of bright brown colour, has thin legs and long arms. This guy is often seen to have a doubtful mind. He/she should not keep blind faith in someone and should select friends, business partners carefully, otherwise he may be deceived by them, as a result the native may become frustrated. He admires others’ opinion, but hardly implements in his own life. He/she shows irritation very often and gets annoyed frequently. A lot of time of his/her life is wasted in experimenting, correcting mistakes. Due to this he sometimes carries a negative mentality. In some cases, he may pursue higher education. His sincere love may be of no worth to his brother/sister and relatives. The married life may be hampered due to misunderstandings and his adamancy. He has to work hard to build his fortune. Number of friends will be less and only average amount of help by them is indicated. He may love his friends very much, but he will get only verbal sympathy from them. Ladies having this nakshatra as birth star, are generally tall, have sharp look, thin (sometimes slim). Their may have a beautiful face and good figure. She has the tendency to speak straight/rude, so care must be taken while argumenting with anyone. She tends to dominate her husband. It is strange that she has interest in things in which generally males are interested.

So , in anticipation of your constructive opinions, I would like to stop my analysis here for today . I feel you have now come to know some new things about this nakshatra. Reveal your level of satisfaction through your precious comments. I really welcome constructive criticism from all of you. Thanking you from the core my heart. For any doubt please contact me or, ask questions in the comments. So signing out. Take good care of yourselves.

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    Nakshatra No.5 Mrigashira – New Predictive Astrology

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    Nakshatra No.5 Mrigashira – New Predictive Astrology

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    Nakshatra No.5 Mrigashira – New Predictive Astrology

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